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Prior to engaging a subcontractor to perform work with Kanawha Stone Company, a safety review is required. Subcontractors are required to submit:

          • A copy of the company safety program

          • A copy of the OSHA 300 logs for the previous three years

          • A completes qualification questionnaire

          • Fitness for Duty plan

          • A list of proposed chemical and hazardous substances, which may be used during the course of work

The safety manager will review the documentation provided by the contractor to either qualify or disqualify (for safety) the contractor. If disqualified, the contractor will be informed along with the reason for disqualification. The subcontractor will be allowed to modify their plan to come into compliance. If they do not come into compliance, they will not be selected for or permitted on the project.

  • Selected subcontractors are required to participate in site safety programs and to share information as follows. All active Kanawha Stone subcontractors shall:
  • Identify the employee responsible for safety for the jobsite. If not physically assigned to the job, an onsite safety liaison shall be identified. 
  • Provide disciplinary actions for employee violations of safety rules consistent with policies for disciplinary actions. All disciplinary actions shall be reported to the safety manager.
  • Maintain an injury log. All accidents, which result in injuries to employees or property damage, shall be reported immediately. Significant near misses shall be reported within 24 hours. 
  • Accidents resulting in injury, property damage, and significant near misses shall be investigated by their safety manager to determine the basic cause and contributing factors. The accident investigation shall identify preventive measures and assign responsibility for implementing those measures. A copy of the accident investigation shall be provided to the KSC safety manager within 24 hours of the accident.
  • All subcontractor forms related to safety are subject to audit, review, and approval by KSC’s safety manager.
  • Subcontractors are responsible for proper signage of work areas and for proper container labeling.
  • An SDS shall be submitted to the KSC safety department before locating any chemical at the project.

Required Subcontractor Safety & Health Questionnaire