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safety: it's our choice

At Kanawha Stone Company, we believe that safety is a culture, not a regulation. We accept the responsibility of not compromising an employee's safety and health. Through the values of our guiding principles, we strive to return our employees, clients, and visitors safely to their families every day.

Many factors contribute to excellent safety performance and a strong safety culture. Kanawha Stone believes in taking the necessary steps when planning for project execution to ensure that all factors related to achieving optimal safety performance are identified, planned, communicated, and executed.

safety training

At Kanawha Stone, we realize the importance of providing our employees with all of the tools they need to get the job done safely and efficiently, and this involves more than having the right equipment on hand.

To ensure that our employees have the knowledge they need, our program incorporates a wide range of training and processes. Training provided to Kanawha Stone employees includes:

          • Accident Reporting

          • Aerial Lift

          • Annual Supervisor and Management Safety

          • Confined Space Competent Person

          • Daily Task Hazard Analysis

          • Employee Drug and Alcohol Awareness

          • Employee Orientation

          • Employee Safety Orientation

          • Equipment Operation

          • Erosion and Sediment Control

          • Excavation and Trenching

          • Excavation and Trenching Competent Person

          • Fall Protection

          • First Aid and CPR

          • Flagger Safety

          • Forklift

          • Global Harmonizing System

          • Heartsaver AED

          • Introduction to OSHA

          • OSHA 10-Hour

          • Personal Protective Equipment

          • Respirator Protection

          • Rigging Qualified

          • SafeLand

          • Signal Person Qualified

          • Supervisor

          • Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion

          • Weekly Toolbox Talks