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project delivery

Kanawha Stone Company is well-versed in today’s construction delivery methods. Our experienced team of professionals, combined with a significant fleet of equipment and extensive technical resources, allow us to streamline project delivery through various contracting systems.  Kanawha Stone Company ensures project owners that partnering with us results in excellent communication, high-quality performance and cost-efficient project management. Maintaining superior quality and completing projects on-time, safely and within budget are the cornerstones of our company.

Traditional Design-Bid-Build

Kanawha Stone Company has been successful in delivering competitive bid proposals on projects in our region for more than 40 years. Our company understands cost-driven delivery and works with project owners to provide the greatest value of service within budget constraints.


Public-Private-Partnership (3P)

As alternate project delivery methods are emerging, Kanawha Stone Company offers an experienced team for 3P delivery. We continue to participate as part of 3P project delivery teams adding value to team leaders and project owners looking to streamline completion and minimize finance concerns. 

Fast Track Delivery

Fast Track delivery offers project owners the ability for Kanawha Stone Company to work hand-in-hand with engineering consultants to build quality projects more efficiently through collaboration. Our team has long been recognized as an industry leader for Fast Track project delivery. Through affiliations with qualified and experienced engineering consultants, our team has delivered some of the largest projects in our region within the most difficult time constraints. 


Design-Build has become a popular project delivery method for many project owners. By offering a single point of responsibility, Kanawha Stone Company manages design-build contracts, minimizing risks for the project owner and reducing schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of a project.

Value Engineering

Kanawha Stone Company has provided millions of dollars in savings to project owners as a result of value engineering proposals. Many times, our team recognizes value added modification on projects through various design changes. We work with project owners to modify construction plans in order to achieve maximum value.